The company is principally engaged in the interior cabin of civil and military aircraft. More specifically the design, manufacturing and installation of interior and equipment for aircrafts.

  • Custom design of seats, sofas, folding seats, tray tables, pieces of furniture cabin — made with a wide range of materials and high quality fabrics and leather. Wallboard interior cabins for passengers and pilots.
  • Soundproofing and thermal insulation inside cabin aircraft.
  • Protections for pilots, seat belts, roller blinds, carpet, floor protection structure, and network anchor for luggage
  • External protection and cover for aircrafts.
  • Established products (upholstery division)
  • Soft liners for coating and thermal acoustic insulation
  • Engineered Seat covers for driver / passenger and utility versions Vip
  • Belts safety nets and anchor loads
  • Surface Carpeted and Floor top/covering for special purposes
  • Protection: external and security for aircrafts