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The Engineering Department is the heart of the company; the team consists of highly experienced engineers and technicians who assure continuous technical support and active involvement of the customer in all the different phases of production development. The goal is to optimize products and services and to deliver them according to the customer’s requests. Problem solving, lean production, optimization of time and resources are the strengths of the engineering team who challenge themselves by ceaselessly streamlining the production process. The advanced software tools used in all engineering processes are specifically designed for the aerospace field. CAE tools and a highly skilled airworthiness team allows Giannuzzi srl to issue structural evaluations starting by linear static analysis to highly non-linear problems under dynamic loadings. The department assures the crashworthiness, safety, and manufacturability of structural designs. Another focal point is the chance to take advantage of 3D printing technologies that allows rapid manufacturing of special parts and components, using certified thermoplastic materials with high mechanical and chemical properties for a wide range of applications. Our process, according to PART 21 SUBPART J and PART 21 SUBPART G, develops the preliminary design following the project phases that leads to the critical design review and to the production of the FAI. The process helps us take care of our customers in addition to servicing on-site installation.