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g liner

An innovative, simplified system to produce cabin lining. Rather than traditional composite material GLiner® consists of paired thermoplastic liner and soundproof foam. Shaped to fill any kind of airframe and provisions . Short time of production/delivery No finishing paint required, material comes already colored to specifics. The system is in continuous improvements in terms of design and installation solutions. Currently, GLiner is accepted, included and used inside projects for advanced manufacturers of helicopters worldwide. It is the aim of interest for new aircraft’s project development.
GLiner has the following unmatched characteristics:

  • High impact and wear resistance properties;
  • Easy to clean and to maintain;
  • Resistant to organic fluids;
  • Sound damping with foam backing;
  • Very light, easy to install and uninstall on cabin fl­oor (see installation video below);
  • Designed to assure customization on any type of aircraft;
  • Designed in modular configuration adaptable to different layouts;
  • EASA Certification
  • Patented