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g sea tray

The next sea tray generation. Wieldy, easy to install and easy to clean is customizable for every configuration search and rescue, EMS and utility. Developed to protect Aircraft floor from fluid infiltration, the product is extremely safety for operators thanks to its antislip property assure protection in the most adverse conditions. GSeatray has the following unmatched characteristics:

  • Outstanding water proofing and drainage;
  • High impact and wear resistance properties;
  • Easy to clean and to maintain;
  • Resistant to organic fluids;
  • Soft support guarantees comfort during operations;
  • Sound damping with foam backing;
  • Very light, easy to install and uninstall on cabin fl­oor (see installation video below);
  • Can be customized to different fl­oor track installations;
  • GSeatray is designed to assure customization on any type of aircraft;
  • Designed in modular configuration adaptable to different layouts;
  • EASA Certification;