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You think …. we realize!
Giannuzzi srl is the organization leader in interior design completely customized. Thanks to our innovative design process we are able to create everything you need as you want.
Giannuzzi’s design centre is able to customize products to fit on every aircraft configurations.
Our design process involves the Customer in each step, starting from the creation of 3D Virtual Cabin Layout. 3D configuration management and design allow a very strong control on virtual mock-up, in order to

  •  use best certified materials;
  •  use innovative and lean manufacturing processes;
  •  prevent any anomalies due to production issues;
  •  manage weight of all parts and components;
  •  speed up the final installation.

Giannuzzi, combining the traditional handmade experience and a modern industrialized process, makes luxury available to all and delivers customized products at affordable costs.

Giannuzzi is able to refurbish seats and interiors of old aircrafts even when drawing and 3D models are not available through a reliable process of reverse engineering.

The Company can also convert, in an integrated turn-key approach, utility aircrafts to corporate and VIP versions.